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The Premier Enclosed Cargo Trailer Package for optimum fit and finish. ​The original Nitro Series that started it all is still the best all around trailer. Your choice of fold down rear ramp or barn style doors, as well as contractor packages available to suit your needs.

Our Premier Enclosed Car Trailer Package for optimum fit and finish. The Nitro series is top of the line with our deep 4 foot v-nose and utilizing all of the best quality components. Our Car Haulers are built with box 2″ x 6″ axle carriers, along with a a completely upgraded frame underneath, to withstand the load of an automobile. Standard with a rear angled beavertail for lower ground clearance and easier approach for those close to the ground racecars or show cars!

Praise from Our Customers

Wide range of models with a five year manufacturer warranty

High Quality Trailers For Your Every Need